Web Accessibility Statement

PGA TOUR Superstore has an ongoing commitment to creating an accessible, diverse and inclusive online experience. Whether you’re browsing for equipment or apparel, we strive to provide an inclusive experience across our website and all of our digital offerings.

No matter which technologies you’re using to shop our site, our core goal is to make PGA TOUR Superstore your preferred shopping destination – built on the pillars from our corporate values.

Accessibility as a standard

We set high standards for our online accessibility and are constantly working to ensure we’re in compliance with all laws and guidelines. Our team – through a collaborative effort with third-party vendors and outside agencies – is dedicated to making our online experience the best it can be. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA are recognized and acknowledged as the international standard measure of success. We regularly test our site to ensure we meet or exceed that standard.

How we’re improving:

  • Site Structure
    We’ve added the appropriate headings, lists, paragraphs and other formatting features on pgatoursuperstore.com to ensure guests can easily use the site with assistive technology.

  • Text Equivalents
    We’re working to ensure all of our images and multimedia are fully accessible through alternative text, captions and transcripts for those who either can't see images or hear audio and may need some form of a text equivalent to interact with our site.

  • Full Keyboard Access
    Everything we build can be accessed using a keyboard.

  • Site Consistency
    We’re consistent in the way we build our site so that once you understand how our menus and pages work with every interaction.