Kids' Golf Lessons

Kids' golf Lessons

Golf Lessons For Kids

Through our national partnership with the First Tee program, we are proud to offer a full, complimentary assortment of private lesson options for kids. Our instructors use our Kids Assessment Tool to define areas of need, then, using our launch monitors, video analysis and fun-first drills and games, develop solid fundamentals of stance, grip and basic swing mechanics to help your kids have fun while learning the game.

Private Lessons and Instruction for Kids

Single Lesson price: $29.99

Lesson Packages are available

Golf Instruction for kids is supposed to be fun! That’s why our PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Instructors use fun games (think: playing skeeball on a golf simulator) while teaching sound golf fundamentals. A Kids lesson is also slightly shorter; appropriate for a younger attention span.

Each PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Golf Instructor has an extensive background of developing programs for kids of all abilities. Their expertise combines with industry-leading golf instruction technologies and a comfortable indoor setting to create a learning experience that breeds lasting results.

All private golf lessons include:
  • 30-minute session with a PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Golf Instructor
  • Fun games supported by industry-leading ball flight launch monitor technology
  • Digital video capture and cloud-based swing video access
  • Comfortable, climate-controlled environment

The clubs your child plays will have an impact on their ability to hit consistent shots, so, as a part of the lesson, instructors will also take a look at their equipment and how it fits - or doesn't fit - their game. It's not about selling new clubs, it's about making sure your clubs will reward their “growing” golf swing.

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Structured Group Instruction Programs

Using the U.S. Kids Golf Player Pathway as our guide, we developed the U.S. Kids Junior Golf Program, a 6-hour instruction program based on skill level. The U.S. Kids Junior Program is a great entry point for juniors to learn the game.

Each Pathway level has checkpoints on five key areas: putting, full swing, around the green, knowledge (etiquette/sportsmanship) and scoring. As an incentive to advance through the levels, players earn an achievement pin each time they complete one of the checkpoints. Players who work their way through the levels will have the foundation for a lifetime of great golf.

All participants receive a Level 1 or Level 2 packet that includes: U.S. Kids Golf glove, U.S. Kids cap, U.S. Kids bag tag, a sleeve of U.S. Kids golf balls and a coupon for the purchase of U.S. Kids Golf clubs.

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LPGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf) is the only national junior golf program that specializes in providing girl-friendly environments for juniors to learn the game of golf. Girls Golf makes the game of golf fun, and teaches more than just stance and swing; it teaches girls valuable life skills like confidence and perseverance.

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Monthly Clinics:

Each store hosts the free Kid Zone on the third Saturday of every month. Kids will enjoy games in our simulators, arts & crafts, and other group activities, all to serve as a fun introduction to golf. Instruction on a few basic fundamentals is even sprinkled in!

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