How to Buy Golf Bags

Whether you walk the course, travel often or prefer the comfort of a golf cart; there are four major categories for selecting a golf bag.

Staff Bags

These heavier bags (usually weighing around 10 lbs.) feature plenty of storage options and are typically used by professional players.

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Cart Bags

Designed to be carried on a golf cart or push cart, these bags - heavier than a stand bag at 6 or more pounds - have plenty of storage space and utility options.

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Stand Bags

This is the go-to option for most amateur golfers. These bags feature a retractable leg system, shoulder straps and are lighter in weight (5lbs. or less) to allow for easy carrying - making them an ideal option for walking golfers.

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Travel Bags

Travel bags and covers are designed to carry and protect your entire bag and clubs. These bags feature padding to protect club heads, extra storage, and wheels to allow easy transport. There are two main types of travel bags: hard case and soft shell. If you often take your clubs on an airplane, make sure to check with the airline's guidelines for golf clubs. Some airlines will ensure protection for clubs in a hard case, while other airlines will make you sign a waiver acknowledging your clubs are in a soft shell and could be prone to damage.

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